Frequently Asked Questions

Just like you have to spend money to maintain your home where you live, The Kingdom Resort and the Chalet, or Villa that you have invested in, also has to be maintained. The houses has to be painted, lawns mowed, furniture replaced, pools maintained and chlorine added. Also we have security guards, cleaning staff, general workers and management. All of the owners of the resort, including the developers, contribute to the expenses that the resort has every year. For this we invoice you, a levy.
The Levy is paid annually, normally in January. This is invoiced to you by our developers head office, and arrangements can be made to pay over couple of months, but for once off payers we do offer a small discount.
Let’s start with the annual holiday calendar. There are 53 weeks in a holiday calendar week 1 starting this year (2017) on the 13th of January, and week 53 being the first week of January 2018. Therefore a Chalet can have 53 owners. Each owning 1 of these weeks. All weeks run from Friday to Friday. Now there are 11 weeks during the year that fall during the school holidays. These ones we call PEAK WEEKS. PEAK 1 would include Easter weekend in the April School Holidays, PEAK 2 is then the remainder of the April holidays. PEAK 3, PEAK 4, and PEAK 5 would be in the July School holidays. PEAK 6 is in the September School holidays. PEAK 8 is a December week, normally starting around the 15th, and PEAK 11 is the 1st week of January after new year. You would have noticed I left out PEAK 7, 9 and 10. These are the most valuable PEAK weeks that you can invest in. PEAK 9 includes Christmas, and Peak 10 includes New Year, and PEAK 7 is the week that the NEDBANK Golf Challenge is played at Sun City. The rest of the weeks in the year will be called OFF PEAK WEEKS, because they fall outside the PEAK holiday times. NOW, OFF PEAK WEEKS can be divided into Friday, Saturday and Sunday – WEEKENDS, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – MIDWEEKS. Only in OFF PEAK WEEKS will you have to option to purchase a WEEKEND, or a MIDWEEK.
Payment options are easy, we accept Cash, Credit Cards, Cheques and Bank Transfers. But, if the lump sum investment is not immediately affordable, a deposit will be required, and we finance the balance for you in-house. Clients under Debt Review, or Under Administration, will not qualify. Villas work a bit differently, where the client has to finance the options through a bank in the form of a bond. All possible assistance is provided to help with this process. All options do have an interest free period where the investment can be paid off Interest free, should it be affordable.
The Rental Pool has been made available to our owners, to earn potential income when Cash Paying guests stay in the Resort. All the owners of a specific week in the various accommodation options, will fall part of the same income POOL. Simple example; Let’s say there were 10 houses, and ALL 10 were booked FULL for the week. So if it cost R100 for a week, there would be R1000, and this would be shared by all 10 owners, and each would get R100. BUT, let’s say that 1 house was left unoccupied. Then the income for the week was R900. This is still divided into 10 Owners, so each will receive R90. The Rental Pool is shared equally by the owners of a specific week. Very important to mention, that there are marketing costs, that will be deducted, and this vary between the different weeks. The annual levy is also deducted and paid for the following year, so the owner does not have to pay it. The balance that remain, will be paid to the owner on the 15th of the month, following directly after the week that is owned.
We bank our weeks in the event that we would like to use the exchange programme to stay at any of our affiliated resorts. This is quite simply an email sent to our developers head office, where you will either request then to place it in the rental pool, or bank it for exchanges, or like in most instances, you reserve it for personal use, and then we will see you there!
You have access to the Kingdom Resort in the week, weekend, or midweek that you own. The Resort is exclusive, and we believe that all our owners want exclusivity when they are at the Resort in their time.
On the 15th of the month directly following your week.